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A convincing argument!

Why the convincing argument?

I’ve been in marketing, digital and branding for nearly 20 years. I’ve worked for the world’s largest brands and made millions and millions for my employers and clients – consistently.

I was recently asked a seemingly simple question – and for a moment I was speechless (not a typical thing for me). The question was; “tell me why you are good at what you do in one sentence?”

At this point most people would start pitching themselves. Dig up their work history, outline some magnificent achievement blah, blah, blah. But the question stopped me in my tracks. Not become I’m overly modest, just because I really liked the question. Distil it into one sentence, simplistically difficult.

After a minute I came up with the answer “I’m the person who comes up with the most convincing argument”.

I got a puzzled look but explained myself. In marketing, advertising, branding, sales, or most things ‘business’, the company with the most convincing argument wins! In virtually every business you are dealing with humans, and humans can all be influenced to varying degrees. If you have a convincing enough argument, you can generally get humans to do anything – right?

A convincing argument can make humans go to war, follow an unseen god, believe in ghosts, the list is endless. All because the convincing argument is compelling enough for them to ‘believe’.

Too deep? OK, why do you buy one brand over another? You will tell yourself that this is due to your own knowledge of the product and its qualities. Of course it is. Maybe you would also like to buy my book on religious ghosts from the war? It’s the best available!

If you think about your brand loyalty and are completely honest, you’ll probably admit that’s not the case. You buy because you’ve been ‘convinced’ that one brand is better than another. Once you admit that, you’ll then admit that the convincing was done by advertising and marketing – the most convincing argument won you over – created by a marketing team! You buy what they tell you to buy if they plant the most convincing argument into your head.

My approach has always been to create the most convincing argument. It’s my job to do that. If I can achieve that one goal, then all of the other goals will follow.

That’s why it’s the convincing argument…


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