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The value of speed

What is speed?

If like me you work in the digital ecosystem, you understand the value of speed. By speed I don’t mean how quick you do your job, I mean the speed you can put across a convincing argument. We live in an instant world. Everything has to be now. Even the gods of advertising understood this back in the pre-digital age but it’s ultimately more important today. David Ogilvy said that five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. This giant of advertising said that it was all about giving a brand a personality. I believe that in the digital age, it’s all about the speed that you can convince your audience.

We can use Ogilvy’s words in the sense that the headline is king. He also said make things short…another legendary and current rule. To me, the convincing argument is the shortest, most succinct way to convince the other person that ‘this is why you should do xx’.

I was lucky enough to work (indirectly) under Dan Wieden, another legendary thinker. If you need an example of the convincing argument, ‘Just do it’ for Nike probably sums it up in 3 words. He is the ultimate convincer in my opinion.

So what is speed? It’s the thing that makes you ‘Just do it!’ without question.