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UX – The clue is in the name!

You might have read in my article about SEO that Google will be punishing websites with poor user experience. If I’m honest, this should not be your consideration when strategizing your digital offering. The main concern should be the user. Do you truly understand how users find the experience when they visit your site? I would guess not. I’ve worked with many people who analyse GA and provide all manner of insights, but the truth is they all see data as data. My philosophy is that you need to humanise the data. See it as real people with thoughts, actions and consequences.

I had a meeting recently with a cutting edge technology company that is using big data to do just this. They record every session on your website in real time so you can replay them. What’s the point you may ask?

They showed me an example of a very well-known American clothing brand. The brand implemented this system and after analysing real time user sessions, they realised that there was slight confusion over a ‘VIP Rewards’ button. This customer loyalty initiative was successful but it was distracting customers from completing their transaction because of its placement in relation to the ‘complete purchase’ button. How much distraction you may ask…when this was changed it resulted in an increase of $8million. They would never have seen this using GA!

Of course, there are many other factors in UX and intuitive design (especially in a commercial sense) but once we accept that we need to humanise data, this can be achieved in a far more effective way.

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