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How do I make more money from my website?

I read a post on-line yesterday asking that exact question. My first thought was ‘that’s the most ambiguous question I’ve ever heard’. But like any big question, I started to break it down into manageable pieces. I think this guy is really saying, how can I improve my eCommerce business and what would that road map look like.

In his post he mentioned that he has been on-line for a few years selling cheap sportswear for children and to children’s sports teams. This is big business with big competitors (SportsDirect springs to mind). I was thinking this over last night and there are a few areas that need to be exact if you hope to give the ‘big boys’ a run for their money.

Firstly, brand. I had a quick look at his site and the URL/name was anything but memorable. A discount brand should always suggest this immediately. Think Pound Stretcher, CheapFlights etc. Secondly, the site was unusable on my phone (Sony Xperia). I’m assuming that this site does not run on IBM Websphere or ATG Web Commerce so re-platforming onto device responsive would not cost the Earth (Prestashop would be a good/cheap alternative). 70%+ of your visitors will now use anything other than a desktop/laptop so why would your website only cater for less than 30% of your traffic? Finally, there were no visible marketing messages. No call’s to action. No enticement to purchase whatsoever. I think a short meeting with a commercial digital marketer would be highly beneficial.

So I have responded with the following:

Brand name change (and catchy URL)
Re-platform onto Prestashop (with a responsive template)
Hire a commercial digital marketer by the hour (PPH)

I’ve also linked this post so he can contact me.

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