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Apple to launch search engine during 2016

OK, so that’s fiction…right? There is so much speculation regarding Google’s ‘soon to expire’ contract that supplies Apple with the search capability on safari. Will they shift to Bing? Will they shift to Yahoo? Is the $1billion Google pays Apple enough? But it seems that nobody is discussing the obvious…Apple’s own proprietary search.

Let’s lay this out in simple terms. Apple are the largest tech company on the planet. They are currently beholden to whomever will supply a vital part of their own UX. If Google pay Apple $1billion for exclusive search capability, you can bet your life that Google make a great deal more. And don’t Apple know that? Do you think this is a long term strategy for the world’s largest tech company? Nobody would place that bet.

We know Apple is developing capability with Siri (as demonstrated in the most recent ATV product) so it isn’t a leap to imagine that search functionality fully developed across all iOS devices.

My prediction – for what it’s worth – Apple search, shipped within iOS, powering Siri, with Apple PPC. A genuine competitor for Google.

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